At a very young age, I developed a passion for fashion apparel and design. Growing up in a family of immigrants physicians, fashion was not an appreciable career choice. I attended the University of Cincinnati on a track to pursue medicine as I had been groomed. Alas, my creative spirit could not be contained any longer and I decided pursue my true passion which lies in fashion and textile design.

         I am fortunate to have a second chance at pursuing a dream of mine at the SCAD with a B.F.A in Fashion Design and a Minor in Fibers. Throughout my time at SCAD, I have acquired and refined skills developing concept with experimentation and research, proper technical construction of garments, and textile design. These skills were also harnessed behind motivation, a rigid work ethic, and plenty teachable moments from my mistakes.

        I am excited to explore more opportunities to create beautiful, wearable art within the fashion industry. I am always seeking out collaborative opportunities that help elevate fashion and art. If you would like to view my work, please visit sumedhasharma.design. I encourage you to email with any and all questions you may have at sumedhasharmadesigns@gmail.com